Only the Best for Our Feline Friends

At The Cat Clinic of Norman we strive to practice at the forefront of feline medicine. We start by respecting the axiom that cats are not small dogs. Thus, everything from our approach to diagnosis and treatment to the drugs we stock to the kennels we purchase to the medical and surgical equipment we use is chosen specifically because it was designed for or will work best with the feline patient.

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Why a Cat Clinic?

No barking dogs. Nothing against dogs, but they do happen to be the major predator of cats. For many cats, a trip to a feline-exclusive practice is less stressful. And a relaxed cat is more likely to let the doctor find the symptoms of pain or illness it tries so hard to hide when in the presence of animals it thinks might like it for lunch.

Easier to keep clean. This one might just be us. We’re really particular about cleanliness, and while cats certainly aren’t odor or mess free, smaller bodies do make for smaller, more easily handled messes.

Only one species. This makes choosing which continuing education to attend, which journals to subscribe to, which medical and pharmaceutical advances to stay on top of much easier. Of course the quality of a doctor’s medicine is not determined by whether he or she has specialized. But for many feline practitioners, the focus on a single species allows them to practice medicine at a  higher level. (Now, if we could just figure out why there are no dog clinics!)