Jack came to The Cat Clinic as a kitten. Someone had found him, presumably abandoned, with a bulging mass where his left eye should have been. “One of the grossest things I've ever dealt with,” said former Cat Clinic owner Dr. Letrisa Miller when later describing the cuterebra larva that wriggled hello when she opened the mass. Jack of course lost his eye (and gained a name). Fortunately, all this happened while he was so young, that he has never known different than having one eye, and he adjusted well.

Jack seems to retain some of his parents’ feral nature. He doesn't like people, hates to be petted, and generally keeps to himself. For these reasons, he is infrequently seen about The Cat Clinic.

Momma Kitty is quite shy around people and is seldom seen about The Cat Clinic. However, lately she has been making short trips up to the front desk for treats. She is not at all shy about cozying up to the other Clinic cats; so we tease her about being their girlfriend.

Momma Kitty, along with Jack, Monster, and Petey are internationally famous, having been featured on the U.K. Fur-n-Pur website.

Roameo is our elderly resident, although you wouldn’t know it by his quick reflexes when it comes to food! He has severe food allergies and urinary problems, so he must adhere to a strict hypoallergenic diet. This does not stop him from leaping into trash cans in search of treats, and his red ears always let us know when he’s been dumpster diving.

Smoke is our resident local celebrity. He has been featured in a newspaper article and has visited the J. D. McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities. Smoke was hit by a car a few years ago and needs a wheelchair to get around. He actually walks when in his wheelchair, but his brain does not realize he has use of his rear legs. However, this is fine with Smoke because he loves flying through the clinic in his wheelchair, running over anything and anyone in his path. His sweet demeanor and zest for life are an inspiration to us all.

Tip-Toe is one lucky cat! He was found on State Highway 9 and had a concussion (he eventually lost his right eye), a fractured shoulder blade and face, and a broken pelvis. Former Cat Clinic owner Dr. Miller fixed him up, and once he was better he adopted her office as his new home. He can usually be found sitting on whichever chair the doctor needs to be sitting in! Recently he has decided that all those scary cars outside aren’t going to get him, and you can often find him sitting on our reception desk welcoming clients.

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