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Purr-n-Fur. The folks behind Purr-n-Fur have created a wonderful collection of feline miscellania, including stories of famous and not-so-famous cats, a catalog of feline philately, and photo galleries of English pub signs that feature cats. The writing on this Web site is top notch, and the approach to matters feline is unique.


Cat Health News Blog. This blog from the Winn Feline Foundation highlights recent feline research of note.

Cornell Feline Health Center. Affiliated with Cornell University, the CFHC is dedicated to sponsoring research in feline health topics and provides many resources for cat owners. The Cat Clinic of Norman is a member of the CFHC.

Feline Advisory Board. The FAB, based in England, offers an extensive selection of information sheets written for cat owners and covering everything from anemia to zoonoses. An all-around excellent source for accurate, up-to-date information on cat health.

Indoor Cat Initiative. This website at the University of Ohio College of Veterinary Medicine offers lots of great information on why and how to enrich your indoor cat’s environment.

Pet Web Library. This excellent library of pet health topics was compiled by the Mar Vista Animal Medical Center in Los Angeles.


Norman Animal Shelter. Looking to adopt a cat or dog? Consider one from the Norman Animal Shelter. Their website (hosted by is a great place to find that perfect cat or dog to adopt. Dr. Miller is a former member of the City of Norman Animal Shelter Oversight Board.

Oklahoma Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. The OBVME is responsible for licensing and regulating veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians in Oklahoma. The Web site explains the licensing process and includes the complete texts of the Oklahoma Veterinary Practice Act and administrative rules.

Second Chance. Second Chance Animal Sanctuary is a great friend of animals here in Norman. If you are looking to adopt a cat or dog, please give them a call.


Alley Cat Allies. This nonprofit organization advocates on behalf of feral cats.

American Association of Feline Practitioners. The AAFP is like the American Medical Association for cat doctors and has lots of good information on feline health.

American Veterinary Medical Association. This site is a good starting point to learn more about a variety of topics, including feline injection-site sarcomas and the latest subjects in veterinary medicine.

Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement. We have all experienced the pain of losing a pet. The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement has set up this site for support during this most difficult time. You will find inspirational stories, grief counseling resources, hotline numbers, and many other resources.  

Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). The Cat Fanciers’ Association Web site has lots of pictures, as well as information on cat breeds, cat care, upcoming cat shows, and much more.

Heartworm Society. Everything you ever wanted to know about heartworm disease can be found here!

Morris Animal Foundation. The MAF is a significant U.S. funder of research into diseases affecting cats. They even have a site dedicated to feline-exclusive research! (MAF also supports research that benefits other types of companion animal.)

National Animal Poison Control Center. This is the Web site of the National Animal Poison Control Center. It includes a library, links to other sites, and phone numbers for the poison control center.

Winn Feline Foundation. This organization is the research arm of The Cat Fanciers’ Association. Winn has sponsored millions of dollars of research in feline health-related concerns. The Cat Clinic of Norman is a proud supporter of the Winn Feline Foundation.


Cat Clinic Facebook Page. The Cat Clinic is on Facebook! Become a fan of our Facebook page, and follow along as we post interesting cat-related news items from around the world.

KGOU. Public radio for central Oklahoma. The Cat Clinic of Norman is a proud supporter of KGOU.

Pet Connection Blog. Quite possibly the best pet blog going. Although the articles cover pets other than cats, they are routinely well-written, insightful, and entertaining.

Veterinary Information Network. VIN is the world’s first and largest online veterinary community.

Veterinary Schools in the US. Interested in a career as a veterinarian? You’ll need to go to veterinary school first. This site has collected links to the Web sites of veterinary schools in the United States.

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