We at The Cat Clinic of Norman understand that you love your cat and want the best for him or her. We love cats, and we want yours to be as healthy as possible. Our goal, in fact, is for your cat to live a life of not average, not good, but exceptional health. To help us achieve this goal, we invest in the facilities, equipment, supplies, and training that will best allow us to deliver exceptional care to your cat.

Delivering exceptional care does, as you know, cost money. We believe that we provide excellent value for the fees we charge. (If at any time you disagree, please let us know!) Consider that we provide high-quality medical services at a fraction of what you’d pay your physician or hospital for similar care for yourself. Yet many of our costs—for the veterinarian’s medical degree, for the equipment we use, for the pharmaceuticals and supplies we stock, for the government regulations we must follow—are the same as in human medicine.

So we charge fees. And to ensure that we can continue providing your cat with the best possible medical care, we ask that all bills be paid at the time services are rendered. For your convenience we accept cash, checks (with proper ID), and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Unfortunately we are not able to hold checks, accept IOUs, or barter. Our employees, suppliers, landlords, and bankers insist on being paid every month, and we cannot meet these obligations if we do not collect fees at the time of service.

We understand, though, that veterinary bills can sometimes be unexpectedly high (especially when illness occurs or nonroutine surgery is required—but even routine care can be more than some expect). To help our clients afford the best possible care for their cats, we are pleased to offer flexible payment plans, including no-interest and low-interest plans, through CareCredit. Applying for CareCredit is safe, requires minimal personal information, and takes just a few minutes. If you would like more information, please visit the CareCredit website or check with one of our staff members.

Because no one likes to be surprised when the final bill is presented, we can prepare an estimate for your cat’s anticipated services. Estimates cover expected services and supplies and may vary by as much as 25 percent. If in the course of your cat’s treatment complications arise or additional problems are discovered, we might need to prepare a revised estimate.

We feel it is our obligation to present you with the best possible treatment plan for your cat. Thus, our estimates include those services and supplies that your cat needs to ensure he or she is receiving the best possible treatment plan. Again, our goal is exceptional—not average or good—health for your cat. However, “best possible” is not always the same as “only.” Please let us know if a proposed treatment plan will cause you undue financial hardship. Together we can work out a plan that best fits both you and your cat.

If you have questions about our payment policy or would like an estimate for your cat’s services, please let us know.

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