Please remember that the information provided on this website is no substitute for a consultation with a licensed veterinarian.

From our Emergencies page you can find information about where to take your cat in an emergency, as well as a chart that can help you determine whether your cat should be seen immediately. If you are at all uncertain whether your cat needs to be seen, please err on the side of caution. Many conditions can turn critical within a matter of hours. Seeking treatment earlier rather than later might mean the difference between life and death.

Our Forms page includes copies of many of the forms we use on a daily basis at The Cat Clinic. If you’d like to save some time at your next visit, feel free to print and fill out the necessary forms and bring them with you.

The Medical Info page includes information or links to information on a range of feline medical topics, including vaccinations, declawing, common poisons, and common illnesses.

The Links page includes links to websites that offer high-quality information about feline health, websites of select veterinary organizations, feline-related websites that we really like, and websites of local organizations we support or to which we belong. If you’d like to suggest a link for inclusion on our Links page, please contact us.

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