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Home—Where it all starts

    Directions—How to get to The Cat Clinic of Norman and a map of our location

About Us—Answers the questions “Why a cat clinic?” and links to pages that help explain who we are and what we do.

    Our Team—Profiles of Cat Clinic employees

    Clinic Cats—Profiles of The Cat Clinic’s permanent feline residents

    Services—Explanations of the various veterinary services we offer

    Employment—A brief explanation of the benefits we offer employees and a list of open positions

        Employment Opportunities: Support Staff—Descriptions of the various job titles and responsibilities at The Cat Clinic of Norman

        Employment Opportunities: Veterinarians—Description of the associate veterinarian position and links to information about the Norman area

        Externships and Preceptorships—Description of what’s available for veterinary students and veterinary technician students

    Policies—Cat Clinic policies on a range of subjects

        Cat Clinic Policies: Boarding—Detailed boarding policy

        Cat Clinic Policies: Fees and Payment—Detailed payment policy

Resources—Explains what you’ll find in the various resources subpages

    Emergencies—Information on what to do if you have a feline medical emergency

        Is It an Emergency?—A handy table that helps you answer the question “Is it an emergency?”

    Forms—Links to the following forms: New Client, New Patient, Appointment Request, Change-of-Address, Prescription/Diet Refill Request

    Medical Info—Links to websites that provide quality information on a range of feline medical issues

        Declawing—An explanation of declawing, its risks, and available alternatives. Written by Cat Clinic staff.

        Holiday Dangers—An explanation of holiday-related feline dangers. Written by Cat Clinic staff.

        Senior Cats—A description of the six main illnesses that afflict senior and geriatric cats. Written by Cat Clinic staff.

        Vaccinations—An FAQ all about cat vaccinations. Written by Cat Clinic staff.

    Links—A list of cat, veterinary, and local websites we really like

Photos—Cat photos submitted by friends and clients of The Cat Clinic of Norman. You can also submit your own photos right from this page.

    Cat Clinic Photos—Photographs of current and former feline residents of The Cat Clinic of Norman